6 of the Best Health Insurance in Indonesia right now! Cheap, Easy and Fast

6 of the Best Health Insurance in Indonesia right now! Cheap, Easy and Fast

From year to year hospital fees and drug prices are increasingly expensive, followed by other price increases. If we don't plan finances well, we may find it difficult in the future to fulfill our needs. Therefore, to reduce risk it never hurts to use insurance.

Well, one popular insurance is health insurance. The public's concern about the disease and the high cost of treatment is the biggest reason why health insurance is so popular. This is a wise consideration, we will not know what will happen in the future, and what we need to pay attention to is not only health problems but there are still many other things.

So to reduce risk, it's good to use health insurance. If you are interested in using it, I have some of the best health insurance recommendations in Indonesia. The following health insurance that you can choose one of them:

Best Health Insurance

Best Health Insurance

Pedrutial Health Insurance

One of Pedrutial's products which is considered good quality and quite popular is its health insurance product. Pedrutial offers at least 3 types of health insurance products, both conventional and sharia systems, so there are a total of 6 products if calculated conventionally and syariah. These products are PRUmed cover, PRUprime healthcare, and PRUhospital & surgical cover.

PRUmed cover, is a health insurance product that provides benefits in the form of daily inpatient, ICU, and surgical benefits to the main disrupted if undergoing hospital treatment. The variation of this product is PRUmed cover sharia, where the system used is in accordance with Islamic law.

PRUprime healthcare, is a health insurance that provides benefits for hospital fee protection in accordance with the bills based on the plan chosen by the customer. The maximum payment fee is 8 million / day according to plan, and its coverage is almost worldwide (except the United States). This product also has sharia variations.

PRUhospital & surgical cover plus, almost the same as PRUmed cover, the benefits of this product are to replace the costs of hospitalization, ICU, and surgery. As long as customers are in a hospital or clinic that is a Pedrutial partner, all costs will be covered (terms and conditions apply).

Azillan Health Insurance

Not inferior to Pedrutial, Azillan also offers several superior health insurance products tailored to your needs. Azillan offers 3 types of health insurance with several types of additional benefits, namely TMEd Premier, TNThealth Maxi Violet, and Azillan Care. As for additional insurance, namely Azillan Hospital and Surgical Care Plus, Hospital and Surgical Care Plus, and Critical Illness.

TMEd Premier is an insurance that provides basic benefits of hospitalization and has additional benefits in the form of labor, outpatient care, dental care, chemotherapy, hemodialysis, HIV / AIDS, funeral costs, emergency evacuation, and repatriation. This health insurance can be used individually or in families, and its reach in various regions of the world.

TNThealth Maxi Violet, is a health insurance that provides benefits for hospital reimbursement in the event of an accident or suffering from diseases that are experienced by you or your family. In addition to the basic benefits of hospitalization, the additional benefits of this product are outpatient, dental care, and childbirth.

Azillan Care, is a health insurance product from Azillan using the sharia system. Has the benefit of hospitalization and reimbursement of care costs if you or your family is sick. There are selected benefits, namely labor, outpatient care, dental care, and daily compensation.

Sarmina Health Insurance

Sarmina Health Insurance

Sarmina offers several health insurance products both for individuals and for corporations. For individuals themselves, Sarmina offers 3 types of products, namely Sarmi Sehat Gold, Healthy Sarmi Executive, and Healthy Sarmi Income. As for Corporate, there is only one namely Corporate Healthy Sarmi.

Sarmi Sehat Gold, an insurance that provides benefits in the form of financial protection arising from an accident, illness or surgery that requires hospitalization in the hospital. There are many other additional benefits offered, some of which are free personal accident insurance of Rp. 10,000,000, guaranteed emergency medical evacuation throughout the world, caring for teeth due to accidents, and so on.

Sarmi Sehat Executive, is not much different from the Sarmi Sehat Gold above, but on this product there are guaranteed organ transplants (terms and conditions apply).

Healthy Sarmi Income, is a health insurance product that provides benefits in the form of compensation if participants undergo inpatient treatment at the hospital. Some of the benefits are compensation up to Rp. 500,000 per day for 365 days, surgery compensation of Rp. 10,000,000 per surgery, compensation of Rp. 500,000 if there are no claims in 12 consecutive months, and compensation up to Rp. 100,000,000 in the event of death or permanent disability resulting from an accident.

Corporate Healthy Sarmi, is a health insurance that is intended for employees and families of employees of a company with guaranteed benefits of hospitalization, guaranteed outpatient care, childbirth, guaranteed dental care, and guaranteed glasses.

Minilife Health Insurance

Health Insurance

Minilife offers 2 types of basic health insurance and some additional health insurance. 2 basic insurance, namely Yeshealth and MyCmate HealthCare, while for insurance, some of them include Minilife Medicare Plus, HealthSafe, Hospital Benefit Plus, Minilife Crisis Cover, and Minilife Crisis Cover Protection.

Yeshealth, an insurance product that provides benefits in the form of reimbursing hospital fees until you are 99 years old. Some of the benefits include the cost of a doctor, laboratory tests, treatment, daily hospitalization, hospitalization due to critical illness, intensive care unit costs, surgery, doctor's consultation, prescription drugs, and ambulances.

HealthCare MyCmate is insurance with benefits in the form of reimbursement and compensation for hospitalization costs in various hospitals throughout Indonesia up to the age of 80 according to the bill.

Takecareful Health Insurance

Health Insurance

Takecareful is a company that always offers all its products using the sharia system, so I highly recommend it for you. Takecareful offers 2 types of health insurance, namely Takecareful Fulmedicare and Takecarefulink Salam.

Takecareful Fulmedicare, is a health insurance product intended for groups of large numbers of people, so it is very suitable for use by companies to guarantee the health of their employees. The benefits of this product include hospitalization and surgery, outpatient care, maternity benefits, dental care, and eyewear compensation.

Takecarefulink Salam, is insurance that provides benefits in the form of life and health protection accompanied by investments in it. Life and health protection up to the age of 80 years which can be supplemented with additional insurance in the form of critical illness protection, accidents, and hospitalization benefits.

Bumpitar Health Insurance

Bumpitar Health Insurance

The last best health insurance is insurance from Bumpitar. Bumpitar offers 2 types of insurance products, namely Matri Sahet and Medicare Partners.

Matri Sahet, is an insurance product with health protection and care from diseases accompanied by investment instruments in it. This product provides an inpatient benefit of 3% of the sum insured (a maximum of Rp. 1,000,000) per day, starting on the third day and a maximum of 90 days per year. There is also a death benefit of 100% of the sum insured, a 4.5% investment return per year from accumulated premium deposits, and an investment return bonus if the investment process exceeds the estimated results.

Medicare partners, is insurance that provides health services by giving freedom for participants to carry out maintenance in the health service network managed by TPA in collaboration with Bumpitar.

What You Need to Pay Attention

What You Need to Pay Attention

So that the health insurance that you will choose does not disappoint in the future, such as claims being rejected, you must pay attention to a number of things. Some of them are what is covered by insurance? What types of care? What are the diseases? What's the limit? How wide is the range? (in what hospital? Clinic? etc.).

You have to answer these questions before choosing insurance, ask the company as clearly as possible. Because you need to know, not all will be covered by insurance, so choose health insurance that covers the most profitable possibilities in the future.