MSU Broad Museum art series airs on WKAR

A series of video shorts reveal the stories behind the artworks on display at the Broad Art Museum on the campus of Michigan State University.At the MSU Broad Art Museum in East Lansing, Michigan, artists share important stories about their world. “Art Stories” is a new series of short videos that encourage us to explore these stories by looking closely at the works of art displayed in the museum.

“Art Stories” began airing on WKAR TV earlier this month. Episodes can be seen between regular programs on Michigan State University’s public broadcasting station.

“It is part of our mission at the MSU Broad Art Museum to make the arts accessible to our broad and diverse communities,” said Mónica Ramírez-Montagut, director of the museum. “We are thrilled that this collection of videos can help families see how the arts are integrated into all aspects of our lives.”

The video collection is produced and hosted by Michelle Word, director of education at the museum.

“Making and viewing art can help us feel more connected to each other — it’s a way to learn more about ourselves and others,” Word said. “We hope these short videos will demonstrate how discussing works of art can help young people understand that diversity of voices matters and that each person has their own unique ideas and experiences to share. We are grateful to have the opportunity to work with WKAR on this collection.

WKAR provided production consulting services through a partnership between the MSU Broad Art Museum and the WKAR Family Initiative.

In keeping with the WKAR family’s commitment to providing resources that support every child’s potential, “Art Stories” was designed as an extension of MSU Broad Art Museum’s youth programming efforts. Children and families in the museum are encouraged to explore how artists around the world communicate about their lived experiences through their work – and this exploration can help us have meaningful conversations about difference at any age.

Featured stories in the series include “Whale Bells”, by Jenny Kendler; “Generosity II”, by Beatriz Cortex; and “It’s Overflowing / Ziigibiise”, by Dylan Miner.

In addition to broadcasts on WKAR, the “Art Stories” video collection can be viewed in the PBS video app, online at, and on the MSU Broad Art Museum YouTube channel.

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